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Risk management in river basins

Emissions to air, water and soil and the number of accidents at industrial facilities due to shortcomings in accident prevention had taken on alarming proportions by the 1970s. UBA addressed the problem and in the years since then has formulated a comprehensive risk management strategy for international river basins. read more

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Natural Hazards Triggering Technical Accidents (Natech)

Lightning and technical installation

Examples like the earthquake and tsunamis 2011 in Japan and the devastating hurricane Harvey 2017 in the USA, make aware that natural hazards not just cause destruction of private houses but also led to accidents at installations containing hazardous substances. They can cause releases of hazardous substances, fire, and explosions endangering people and significantly pollute the environment. read more

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Climate change has an impact on the safety of installations

Lightning and technical installation

Sources of natural hazards, such as heavy rainfall, flooding, winter storms or lightning, can cause major accidents. Climate change can change the intensity, frequency and local distribution of such sources of hazards. Operators of installations in which large quantities of hazardous substances are present and the authorities responsible for them must therefore adapt their risk management. read more

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