Checklists for Tailings Management Facilities

The failure of Tailings Management Facilities (TMF) leads worldwide to severe disasters. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) thus developed in 2009 “Safety Guidelines and Good Practices for Tailings Management Facilities”.

These comprise recommendations to authorities on the necessary legal basis for permits for the safe operation of TMFs and recommendations to operators on their safety design.

In the frame of an Advisory Assistance Project the following tools have been developed:

  1. a checklist, which inspectors and operators of TMFs can use to identify safety shortcomings of facilities and to derive measures to address them;
  2. a Tailing Hazard Index that can be used by competent authorities and inspectors to get a preliminary overview on possible problems, prioritize TMFs of concern on a national and international level and define first actions to be taken.

The developed instruments were tested at the two Ukrainian facilities and are available for use in the entire UNECE region since 2016.

These checklists are only available in English. You can download the checklists here.

An "Education Video" in English and Russian was also prepared for the application, explaining the background and concept of the TMF Safety Methodology:

Training video about the Tailings Management Facilities (TMF) Safety Methodology
Source: Umweltbundesamt

Training video about the Tailings Management Facilities (TMF) Safety Methodology

Контрольный список хвостохранилище

Аварии на хвостохранилищах являются большой проблемой во всем мире, которая регулярно
приводит к серьезным катастрофам. Цель проекта заключается в преодоление проблем внедрения Руководящих принципов обеспечения безопасности хвостохранилищ ЕЭК ООН, и таким образом, уменьшение риска, создаваемого такими объектами. Результаты проекта проверены на практике на двух украинских хвостохранилищах.

Обучающий видеоролик о хвостохранилище методология безопасности
Source: German Environment Agency

Обучающий видеоролик о хвостохранилище методология безопасности


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