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International resource policies

A quarry

In recent years, public debate on natural resource conservation and the implementation of measures for increased resource efficiency has gained considerable momentum both in Europe and internationally. This dynamic has helped to shape the environmental policy debate. An UBA research project has now carried out a scientific analysis of resource policies and instruments in nine countries. read more


LIFE APEX – Apex predators and prey support chemical regulations

Untersuchte Spitzenrpädatoren und Beutefische im LIFE APEX Projekt

The aim of LIFE APEX is to improve systematic use of chemical monitoring data from apex predators and prey for protecting human health and the environment by making better and more cost-effective use of chemical monitoring data from the large, valuable but under-used resources from biota samples in Europe's Environmental Specimen Banks, Natural History Museums and other research collections. read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment