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Indicator: Species diversity and landscape quality

A graph shows the development of the population of representative bird species for different landscapes and the development of an aggregate indicator from 1970 to 2016 The aggregate indicator decreases significantly from 107 in 1970 to 71 in 2016.

In 2016 the indicator was at 70.5 and remains far from the target value.The sub-indicators for farmland and coasts and sea have fared particularly badly.In the German Sustainable Development Strategy, the Federal Government envisages that the indicator should rise to 100 by 2030. read more

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Environment and agriculture – Overview for Germany

Ein Feld mit Gräsern und Blüten

More than half of Germany's surface area is used for agriculture. Agriculture thus is the largest land user in Germany and a significant contributor to environmental stress. On the other hand, agriculture is also affected, for example, by the effects of climate change. In the flyer "Environment and agriculture 2018" UBA presents key facts about agriculture and environment. read more

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