Cover der Publikation TEXTE 20/2021 Widening the European Green Deal’s perspective towards a sustainable Europe
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Widening the European Green Deal’s perspective towards a sustainable Europe

Aiming higher - with the right levers of change

The European Green Deal, published by the European Commission in 2019, represents a new and ambitious approach to put environment and sustainability at the heart of European policy. Its ambitions are high, yet the planned measures might not be sufficient to actually meet them.
The report analyzes the European Green Deal from the perspective of the German Environment Agency and places it in the context of the global challenge of achieving the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. In addition to necessary measures in the thematic fields of the European Green Deal, the report also addresses the structural adjustments needed as key levers to achieve the desired goals.
The report concludes that the European Green Deal is an important step forward, but that further efforts beyond those described there are still needed in order to achieve a sustainable Europe.

Texte | 20/2021
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Carsten Neßhöver, Barbara Beckert, Claudia Kabel, Claus Gerhard Bannick, Ulrich Claussen, Ulrike Doyle, Frauke Eckermann, Tobias Frische, Jens Günther, Clemens Haße, Beate Hollweg, Christian Hoyer, Burkhard Huckestein, Timmo Janitzek, Almut Jering, Hermann Keßler, Anne Klatt, Guido Knoche, Lea Köder, Matthias Koller, Bernd Krause, Margarethe Kreuser, Alexandra Lindenthal, Christian Löwe, Christopher Manstein, Astrid Matthey, Doris Meurer, Volker Mohaupt, Tina Mutert, Nathan Obermaier, Silvia Pieper, Sebastian Plickert, Jörg Rechenberg, Almut Reichart, Ines Rönnefahrt, Christoph Schulte, Christian Schweitzer, Laura Spengler, Michael Suhr, Hans-Christian Stolzenberg, Christoph Töpfer, Herwig Unnerstall, Julia Vogel, Jan Weiß
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