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Risk Governance of Advanced Materials

Considerations from the joint perspective of the German Higher Federal Authorities BAuA, BfR and UBA

Advanced materials have the potential to provide technical solutions for pressing global challenges, i.e. for energy revolution, digitalisation, or health care. However, it is currently difficult to derive which advanced materials will be actually used in the future and to what extent the existing legal frameworks or other measures are suitable to address their safety as well as other aspects of sustainability along their life cycle. This document summarises the current perspective of the higher federal authorities UBA, BfR and BAuA aiming to establish good governance of advanced materials to ensure their responsible development, use and end of life considering human and environment safety.

Texte | 156/2021
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Kathrin Schwirn, Doris Völker, Andrea Haase, Jutta Tentschert, Ulrike Bernauer, Rolf Packroff, Volker Bachmann
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German Environment Agency
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