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Advanced materials

Wortwolke neuartige Materialien

The German Environment Agency is addressing the potential of advanced materials for environmental and climate protection and is participating in discussions on the open questions on advanced materials with regard to chemical safety and the sustainability over the whole life cycle of their applications. read more

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Advanced materials: steadily sustainable and safe

Coloured area changing from pink to blue. Hexagonal shapes appear on different levels of the image and which reminiscent of chemical structural formulae. The shapes are shown either only in outline or filled in area.

Advanced materials are innovative materials of most diverse chemical composition and form. They can offer solutions to global challenges. Examples are carrier systems for novel active ingredients or graphene for future use in batteries. To ensure that the materials are safe and sustainable over their life cycle, certain cornerstones need to be considered. read more

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Improve regulation of Nanomaterials

Nano structures

Until now, with few exceptions, there are no specific provisions for nanomaterials within the substance legislations. As a result, specific environmental risks cannot be described and assessed adequately. Therefore, the main aim of this paper is to outline the necessary further development of chemi¬cals regulations for nanomaterials with regard to the environment from UBA´s perspective. read more

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