Cover of the guideline on the prevention, detection and remediation of mould in buildings
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Guideline on the prevention, detection and remediation of mould in buildings

Mould and fungi pose major problems in residential buildings and indoor environments. Not only in older buildings without any insulation improvements on the envelope/building shell, but also in new energy efficient buildings can mould and growth of fungi occure. Most important is the influence of water and dampness. Mould on wall and furniture surfaces can be easily detected/recognizied, more difficult is detecting mould inside building construction materials and in the hollow spaces. The UBA’s mould guidelines give detailed information on mould problems in the indoor environment. Primarily serving as a knowledgebase and application aid for experts involved in the detection and elimination of mould damage, it also provides valuable tips and information for residents and room users in schools, offices, etc. who are affected by mould infestation.

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Dr. Heinz-Jörn Moriske, Dr. Regine Szewzyk, DI Peter Tappler, Dr. Kerttu Valtanen
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