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indoor air



A child that holds its head.

It is often difficult to find out exactly what triggers headaches or migraines. However, poor air quality should be considered when searching for headache causes. read more

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European testing procedure: Emissions from construction products

A gypsum board in an emissions testing chamber.

For reliable data on pollutant emissions from construction products both validated testing procedures and qualified testing bodies are required. Test methods for determining the release of dangerous substances from construction products have been available in Europe for some time, and the first designated testing laboratories for this purpose have recently been set up in line with EU regulations. read more


Indoor air hygiene

livingroom with armchairs, dining table, carpet, lamps, pictures and potted plants

People in developed countries spend the majority of their lives indoors, on average about two thirds in their home. However, the quality of indoor air is not always beneficial to human health. read more


Ventilation to combat "stale" air

The German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) has been in force since 2002, and it requires comprehensive planning and construction measures to significantly reduce the primary energy demand for heating in newly constructed buildings and extensively renovated older buildings. This goal is to be achieved primarily by means of energy-saving heating technology and hot water generation, as well as i... read more


The Umweltbundesamt

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