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Kids / young adults

If you’d like to find out more about the environment and/or how you can help protect it, you’ll find links to free environment and health related books and games on this page . You can also ask your teacher to take your class on a trip to our offices in Dessau-Roßlau, where we offer super exciting workshops at our library. And if you’d like to intern or train with us, you should know that we have exciting offers in this domain as well. For example, we offer administrative assistant and chemistry lab assistant on the job training.

Press release on The UBA

Art and the environment “Zero Waste” exhibition in Leipzig

Ein Frauengesicht mit Plastikstücken

Waste is everywhere: be it in the form of a gigantic gyre in the Pacific, particulate matter in the air or microplastics in the food chain. The “Zero Waste” group exhibition showcases some of the international positions of contemporary art which point to the urgency of conserving resources, consuming less and living more sustainably. read more

News on Climate | Energy

How does emissions trading work?

Screenshot aus dem gezeichneten Kurzfilm: Zu sehen ist ein Kraftwerk, das Geld für Emissionsberechtigungen zahlt.

Why is there a trade in or with emissions? Who specifies the framework conditions and how does emissions trading actually work? An explanatory film gives short and concise answers to these questions and explains the contribution of emissions trading to climate protection. read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment