The speakers are presented in the order of their contribution to the conference. 

Conference facilitator: Minu Hemmati

Dr. Minu Hemmati is a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in ‘Organizational and Environmental Psychology´. She has been working as an independent advisor with governments; international agencies; NGOs, women’s networks; corporations; and research institutions since 1998. Minu’s work is focusing on collaborative transformation processes towards sustainable development, gender equity, and good governance. Her work includes designing, facilitating, coaching and evaluating multi-stakeholder dialogues and partnerships; leadership development; training and teaching; and research and advocacy on participation and on gender issues. Websites: http://minuhemmati.net/ and www.msp-institute.org

Minister Svenja Schulze, Minister, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Germany

Svenja Schulze is a German politician (SPD). Since March 14th 2018 she has been Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in the Merkel cabinet. From July 15th 2010 to June 30th 2017 she was Minister for Innovation, Science and Research of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia. https://www.bmu.de/

Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner of the DG Environment of the European Commission

Virginijus Sinkevičius is a Lithuanian politician (LVŽS), Seimas member since 2016 and Minister of Economy of Lithuania from the end of November 2017 to 2019. He was the youngest minister in Lithuanian history after the restoration of state independence. Since December 1st 2019 he has been Commissioner for Environment and Oceans in the von der Leyen Commission. https://ec.europa.eu/environment/

Dirk Messner, President German Environment Agency

Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner became the new President of the German Environment Agency on January 1st 2020. The internationally renowned sustainability scientist was Director of the Institute for Environment and Human Security at the United Nations University in Bonn and Co-Chairman of the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU). https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/

Emmanuelle Maire, DG Environment, European Commission

Emmanuelle Maire works at the European Commission in Brussels, in the Directorate general for Environment (DG ENV). She heads the team responsible for Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption. The core activity of the team is to support the transition to a circular and green economy in the European Union. She held several positions before that with the European Commission, being Head of unit for multilateral environmental cooperation (2015-2018), and Head of Unit for the EU Internal market in aviation (2010-2015). https://ec.europa.eu/environment/

Mark Hidson, ICLEI for UN SPP Programme One Planet Network

Mark Hidson joined ICLEI – Local Government for Sustainability in 2003. He is a member of ICLEI Europe’s Board of Directors and responsible for ICLEI’s Sustainable Economy and Procurement work. Mark Hidson is the Global Director of ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Centre, lead of the United Nations One Planet Network on Sustainable Public Procurement, Vice-Chair of the International Green Procurement Network and a member of the European Commission’s Green Public Procurement Advisory Group. Mark oversees ICLEI’s Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement OECD, the Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network and ICLEI’s sustainable procurement conference series – EcoProcura. http://www.glcn-on-sp.org // http://www.procuraplus.org // http://www.ecoprocura.eu/

Paulo Magina, OECD

Paulo Magina is the Head of Public Procurement at the OECD Directorate for Public Governance since March 2014, where he is devoted to supporting member and non-member countries in their efforts to improve their public procurement and infrastructure governance systems, making them more strategic and impactful for the life and well-being of citizens. With over 15 years’ experience in the public sector, most recently he was a board member and the CFO of the Portuguese Central Government Shared Services Agency, in charge of finance, accounting, HR, IT and public procurement for the public administration. Between 2010 and 2012, he was also the CEO of the National Public Procurement Agency, where he led the setting up of the central purchasing body and the e-procurement implementation. He also worked lately with the EBRD and UNCITRAL to advise policy and legal reforms, develop action plans and road maps for restructuring public procurement systems in the CIS region. Formerly he was deputy member of the cabinet of the secretary of state for transports in Portugal and held managerial positions as CFO and Investment Director in the transportation, banking and private equity sectors, for more than 12 years. https://www.oecd.org/

Ulf Jaeckel, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Germany

Dr. Ulf Jaeckel is an Economist with a PhD in environmental economics. Since 1994 he works at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and is the Head of Division Sustainable Consumption, Environmental Product Policy. Further he is engaged at the National Focal Point of the United Nations 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production and holds the Vice-Chair of the national standardisation body on environmental management. https://www.bmu.de/

Diana Wehlau, City of Bremen

Dr. Diana Wehlau is head of the division Eco-innovation and climate change adaptation at the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban and Housing Development of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. This division is in charge for the development and implementation of green public procurement in the City State of Bremen. She has received her PhD from the University of Bremen and holds an M.A. in Global Political Economy and Finance from the New School University of New York City. For several years she did research with a focus on political economy, sustainable consumption, green public procurement and socio-economic aspects of climate change. She represents the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen in expert committees and working groups of the Federal Ministry for the Environment. https://www.bauumwelt.bremen.de/

Thomas Solbach, Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

Thomas Solbach entered the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in 1999. He took over the position of head of unit for public procurement policy in 2012. The unit is responsible for European, international and national public procurement law. Thomas Solbach studied law in Passau (Germany) and Tours (France) and did a PhD in European Community Law. He was in charge of the negotiations of the EU public procurement directives from 2014 and their transposition in German law on behalf of his ministry. https://www.bmwi.de/

Benjamin Bongardt, City of Berlin

Benjamin Bongardt is the Head of division Waste Management and Green Procurement in the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection of the City of Berlin. Berlin has adopted one of the most developed green procurement regulations in Germany. Benjamin holds a PhD in urban climatology and a university degree in Geography. Before entering the public sector he worked in science and for different German NGOs, particularly on circular economy and resource efficiency. https://www.berlin.de/senuvk/service/gesetzestexte/de/beschaffung/

Emma Borjesson, City of Malmö

Emma Börjesson is a project manager at Environmental department in City of Malmö. City of Malmö strives to become one of the world’s most sustainable cities. Emma has spent ten years working with sustainable development for the public sector, and the last three years focusing on circular economy. She is involved in several European projects on Circular Procurement and is exploring how City of Malmö can become a circular organization. https://malmo.se/Nice-to-know-about-Malmo/Sustainable-Malmo-.html

Els Verwimp, Government of Flanders, Environment and Spatial Development Department

Els Verwimp has been working on SPP for the Environment and Spatial Development Department of the Government of Flanders since 2020. She supports the procurers of the organization, but also other organizations (e.g. local authorities), to take into account environmental issues in their procurement. Next to spreading information, good examples and developing instruments, Els takes an active role in several procurement teams, which gives her a good inside in day to day SPP practice. https://www.vlaanderen.be/en

Alexandra T de Leeneer, City of Copenhagen

Alexandra de Leneer works as a CSR consultant in the City of Copenhagen and is responsible for implementing the City of Copenhagen's policy for ecolabelled procurement. https://international.kk.dk/

Rikke Dreyer, Ecolabelling Denmark

Rikke Dreyer works as chief consultant for public procurement in Ecolabeling Denmark. She gives guidance and corporate with procurement officers in municipalities and other public organizations to promote green public procurement. Also she is chairman for The Danish Forum on Sustainable Procurement. https://www.ecolabel.dk/en

Lidia Capparelli, Consip, Italy

Lidia Capparelli is a lawyer and has30 years of experience in procurement and sustainable procurement. From 2001 she works in Consip, the National Purchasing Body of Italy, and has the role of Senior Sustainability and Innovation expert. Since 2006 she has been the representative of the Ministry of the Environment for the implementation of the National Action Plan on GPP. She is currently project leader of the European project Procure2Innovate for the creation of the network of competence centers of innovation procurement. Project leader of some European projects in the field of Sustainable procurement as Buy Smart +, Green Proca, GPP2020. She teaches at the School of Administration for the training of executives and public officials in the field of circular economy, sustainable procurement and innovation procurement. https://www.consip.it/

Mascha Menny, City of Hamburg

Mascha Menny has an academic background in law and a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Policy. Since May 2019, Mascha Menny is working with sustainable procurement in the city of Hamburg, in the strategic procurement department at the city’s Ministry of Finance. In addition to advising purchasers on sustainable procurement issues, Mascha Menny is responsible for more strategic topics, such as the development of guidelines, monitoring and networking. https://www.hamburg.com/

Vanessa Schmidt, Berlin Energy Agency

Vanessa Schmidt has studied law and environmental management. She is working for the Berlin Energy Agenda since 2007 in the field of green public procurement. After coordinating several European projects in that field like the Buy Smart initiative, she consulted Berlin and Hamburg on their local regulations on green public procurement as well as the German Protection Agency. https://www.berliner-e-agentur.de/en

Annie Stålberg, National Agency for Public Procurement Sweden

Annie Stålberg is Head of the Sustainability Unit at the Swedish National Agency for Public Procurement. The Agency has an overall responsibility for developing and supporting the procurement carried out by the contracting authorities and entities. Annie has 15 years of experience within the field of sustainable public procurement and was earlier head of the Policy Unit at the Swedish Competition Authority. Annie has a broad international experience and is a member of the European Commission’s Green Public Procurement Advisory Group. https://www.upphandlingsmyndigheten.se/

Joan Prummel, Rijkswaterstaat

Joan Prummel is International Advisor for Circular Economy for the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat. Together with international colleagues Joan supports and guides public and private organizations in Europe and beyond to set their ambitions, policies and operations. The key activity in circular economy is collaboration: through the supply chain (with the market) and within the organization. Joan's role is to advise, stimulate and support public and private organizations all over the world in their efforts to implement circular economy. Think of the role of procurement; the specific position of waste management industry; circular design and sustainable production. All contributing to a circular economy system. https://www.rijkswaterstaat.nl/

Maike Janssen, German Environment Agency

Maike Janssen has a background as Environmental Engineer. She is research associate at the German Environment Agency since 1999. Since 2009 she works in the field of sustainable products and consumption, mainly working on the sustainable use and life cycle assessment of ICT products. https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/en

Joakim Thornéus, National Agency for Public Procurement Sweden

Joakim Thornéus work as a sustainability specialist at the Swedish National Public Procurement Agency. He joined the National Public Procurement Agency in 2015. He has been working with sustainable public procurement since 2000 in different organizations in Sweden. Now he mainly works with different aspects of public procurement for circular economy. https://www.upphandlingsmyndigheten.se/

Andreas Nobell, TCO Development

Andreas Nobell leads the criteria development for TCO Certified, a sustainability certification for ICT products. The comprehensive criteria in TCO Certified are designed to drive social and environmental responsibility throughout the product life cycle. Covering eleven product categories including computers, mobile devices, display products and data centre products, compliance is independently verified, both pre and post certification. Andreas holds a Master of Science and Media Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Andreas is an expert in KEEP knowledge sharing project with 14 partners aiming to create a traceability solution to streamline sustainable production, re-use and material recycling. He was one of the founders of Circular Electronics Day in 2018. https://tcocertified.com/about-tco-development/

Felice Alfieri, Joint Research Center (JRC)

Felice Alfieri has a multidisciplinary background: Environmental Science, Chemistry for Sustainable Development and Chemical Engineering. At the Joint Research Centre he is supporting the development of sustainable product policy tools such as the EU Green Public Procurement, the EU Ecolabel, the Ecodesign Directive and Energy Label with a specific focus on ICT products. Before joining the Commission he mainly worked in the sustainability certification field, in particular on GHG emission reduction projects, sustainability of biofuels and environmental technologies verification. https://ec.europa.eu/info/departments/joint-research-centre_en

Ilse Beneke, German Competence Centre for Sustainable Procurement (KNB)

Ilse Beneke is head of the German Competence Centre for sustainable procurement at the procurement office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. With a team of eight people, her job at the Competence Centre is to foster the implementation of sustainability aspects in public procurement in Germany and to provide practical help to all public contracting authorities. Being a lawyer, she started her career at the Ministry of Ecology, Health and Consumer protection for the Federal State of Brandenburg. As one of her last activities there, she was responsible for the partnership between the Government of the Federal State of Brandenburg and the business- and craft associations, addressing and fostering an eco-friendly economic behaviour. Her enthusiasm to form a sustainable and future-orientated society led her to complete extra-occupational master-studies dealing with Responsible Management. http://www.nachhaltige-beschaffung.info/DE/Home/home_node.html

Ria Müller, Senior Researcher / Partner, Institute for Ecological Economy Research – IÖW

Ria Müller is senior researcher and partner at Institute for Ecological Economy Research. Her research field is Ecological Product Policy” with a focus on sustainable public and commercial procurement. Ria Müller holds a Joint Master’s Degree in Economics and Social Sciences. Between 2006 and 2009 she worked as scientist and consultant for the Procurement Service Austria situated at IFZ – Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture Graz/Austria. https://www.ioew.de/en/

Johanna Wurbs, German Environment Agency

Dr. Johanna Wurbs studied chemistry and wrote her thesis about the evaluation of life cycle assessments. 2005 she started to work at the German Environment Agency in the section Substance-related Product-Issues with the focus on dangerous substances in electronics and in construction products. The working field included the development of test standards, the definition of criteria for environmental labels and the identification of regulatory needs. 2017-2018 she changed for two years to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety to the Section Sustainable Consumption, Product-related Environmental Protection, being especially in charge for ecolabels and environmental products assessments. Since 2019 she is the head of the section Ecodesign, Environmental Labelling, Environmentally Friendly Procurement at the German Environment Agency. https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/themen/wirtschaft-konsum/umweltfreundlich...

Regina Preslmair, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) Austria

Regina Preslmair is an expert in the field of environmental management and technology in the Austrian Ministry of the Climate Protection. There she is responsible for environmental certification and eco-marketing for the Austrian and the European Eco-label. Her main focus is on tourism, green meetings and events as well as green museums and green producing. https://www.bmk.gv.at/en.html

Romaine Stracks, Green Events Luxembourg

Romaine Stracks is an environmental consultant at SuperDrecksKëscht®. The SuperDrecksKëscht® is a trademark which was developed in the frame of the waste management missions of the Luxembourg state. It is the task of the SuperDrecksKëscht® to use and apply the most recent information to implement a sustainable and high quality management of resources in the ecologic and economic sense. Together with Oekozenter Pafendall, SuperDrecksKëscht® support the Green Events initiative in Luxembourg, a project initiated by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. https://www.greenevents.lu/

Isabelle Schummers, Green Events Luxemburg

Isabelle Schummers is an environmental consultant at Oekozenter Pafendall. The Oekozenter Pafendall is a NGO and consulting centre that leads innovative projects in the field of environment, agriculture and green building. Together with SuperDrecksKëscht, Oekozenter Pafendall coordinates the Green Events initiative in Luxembourg, a project initiated by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. https://www.greenevents.lu/

Kristin Stechemesser, German Environment Agency

Kristin Stechemesser is working as a research associate at the German Environment Agency since 2015. She is responsible for the Blue Angel for Textiles and Foot wear and was involved in the development of the step-by-step plan for sustainable procurement of textiles at the national level. https://www.blauer-engel.de/de/blauer-engel/wer-steckt-dahinter/umweltbu...

Marianne Burum Eskeland, Nordic Swan

Marianne Burum Eskeland is environmental manager in Ecolabelling Norway with the responsibility of the EU Ecolabel. She has 25 years of experience in ecolabelling and during these years I have been working with textiles most of the time. She also has been a licencing manager in Ecolabelling Norway with the responsibility of all licencing activities in Norway, for the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel. https://www.nordic-ecolabel.org/

Sophie de Smet, Rijkswaterstaat

Sophie de Smet is Project Leader Sustainable Public Procurement at Rijkswaterstaat, Department of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Before working at Rijkswaterstaat Sophie was a Procurement Officer at the Dutch Ministery of Defense, within the department of textiles and workwear. As a Procurement Officer Sophie executed and led several European tenders which focused on the Socially Responsible and Sustainable Public Procurement of Textiles and workwear. https://www.rijkswaterstaat.nl/english/environment/index.aspx

Ilda Sukurica, German Society for International Cooperation – GIZ

Ilda Sukurica studied social sciences with a special focus on sustainable development related topics. She is a Junior Advisor in the sector programme Sustainability Standards and Public-Private Responsibility at the GIZ and works in the field of sustainable public procurement. The GIZ is a development agency which has over 50 years of experience in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. http://www.kompass-nachhaltigkeit.de/

Christiane Klewais, Zorg Leuven

Christiane Klewais, CPO/ CSCO (chief procurement and supply chain officer) of ZORG Leuven. Procurement director with a history of working in public administrations and Health Care Services. Skilled in Public Procurement, Sustainable Purchasing, Customer Relationship Management, Hospitality Management, Internal Distribution and Logistics. Socio-economical professional master degree from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Zorg Leuven (CARE Leuven) is a welfare association established by the public welfare centre Louvain (Leuven) and by the city of Louvain (Leuven) in which both organizations have regrouped their residential care functions and their home care. When Flanders launched a call for a Green Deal Circular Purchasing in early 2017, the central purchasing department saw an opportunity to gain experience in integrating circularity in purchasing projects and in contributing in putting ZORG Leuven on the map as a sustainable organization. During 2018-2019 the central procurement department realised successfully two purchase projects, in particular the realization of circularity in the framework agreement for sustainable rent and maintenance of linen and work clothing and in the framework agreement for sustainable leasing of reprographic devices and digitalization. https://www.zorgleuven.be/

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