Wanted: German experience with forest kindergartens

kindergarten group sitting on a meadow in a forestClick to enlarge
Playing and learning in nature: forest kindergartens teach and raise awareness of the environment.
Source: Anna-Katharina Klauer

Kindergartens where children spend most of their time in nature shall soon become an officially accepted form of kindergarten in the Czech Republic. To help defining the requirements the UBA brought together German and Czech forest kindergartens and their advocates in the framework of a project of the Advisory Assistance Programme.

The jointly developed recommendations for promoting forest kindergartens provide support to the Czech partners in taking the necessary steps. The first milestone has been reached: the Czech Republic's new education act contains for the first time a definition of forest kindergartens and, in principle, accepts them as a pre-school institution of education. German and Czech forest kindergartens will collaborate even more closely in the future: 22 June 2017 will be a joint Day of Forest Kindergartens to present their work. Forest kindergartens have been officially accepted in Germany since 1993.

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