Noise annoyance

Noise is a subjective phenomenon that is difficult to measure as such. A sound turns to noise when acoustic or sound pressure is accompanied by psychological stress.

Population reports noise annoyance from various sources

Germans feel that noise is one of the most tangible impacts on the environment. This finding is underscored in a representative public survey of some 2,000 adults entitled Umweltbewusstsein in Deutschland 2010.

Traffic noise

55% of those polled claimed to feel disturbed or annoyed by road traffic noise in their living environment, with 11% even ranking disturbance ‘extremely’ or ‘very’. Aircraft noise ranks second after road traffic noise as the greatest transport-related source of noise annoyance in Germany. Nearly one in every three citizens throughout the country is disturbed and annoyed by aircraft noise.

Rail noise causes annoyance in a little more than one fifth of the population.

Industrial and commercial noise

Nearly one third of the population is disturbed by industrial and commercial noise.

Neighbourhood noise

According to the survey, noise made by neighbours is also a significant source of noise. Some 40% report feeling affected. Noise not only affects hearing, it can also strain the cardiovascular system and exposure sufferers to a greater risk of disease.

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