New research project „ZeroPM“ with UBA participation

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Three strategies to address persistent, mobile substances: Prevent, Prioritize, Remove
Source: Sarah Hale

In autumn 2021, the new European research project "ZeroPM: Zero Pollution of Persistent, Mobile substances" will start. The German Environment Agency (UBA) is involved as a project partner. ZeroPM will develop political, technological and market-based tools that aim to reduce the use and emissions of persistent and mobile substances as well as contamination from such substances.

The European Commission is funding the ZeroPM project with funds from the Horizon2020 research and innovation program which is intended to support Europe's efforts towards a pollution-free environment.

ZeroPM will link prevention, prioritization and removal strategies with the aim of protecting the environment and human health from persistent and mobile substances.

UBA will participate in the project in a dedicated Policy work package via the analysis of political goals and targets at European and international levels. Through the analysis of legal texts, strategy papers and other political documents, as well as sectoral and environmental policy guidelines, position papers, studies on the evaluation of politics, scientific papers and data from surveys and position papers, recommendations for policy action will be developed. These actions are intended to complement the current ambitions outlined in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability towards a toxic free environment where a key goal is to prevent emissions of persistent and mobile substances. To this end, UBA will be able to build on its work to develop criteria for the identification of persistent (P), mobile (M) and toxic (T) chemicals. In addition, UBA will support the work on prioritizing chemicals with the most urgent need for action drawing on its many years of experience in identifying chemicals requiring regulation. The project is led by the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI), involves 15 partners from 9 countries and runs for 5 years.

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