New proposals to promote environmentally sound use of biocides

Man in overalls and yellow hard hat applying a mint green coat to a building façadeClick to enlarge
Biocides, also used in façade coatings, can harm humans and the environment if used improperly
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Biocidal products must be used wisely to avoid harming humans and the environment. UBA has compiled a set of measures how to achieve that goal.

UBA has waged a long campaign to broaden the scope of EU framework directive 2009/128/EC to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides to include biocides. At present, the framework applies only to plant protection products and regulates e.g. the requirements for their sale and the knowledge of professional users. The new study issues recommendations for the environmentally sound use of the following product types: disinfectants not intended for direct use on humans and animals, veterinary disinfectants, masonry preservatives, and rodenticides. Insecticides, wood preservatives and anti-fouling coatings were considered in a preceding study.

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