IPCC: Climate change is advancing

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Looming global warming harbours great risks for man and the environment
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UBA President Flasbarth points out the great need for action after the presentation of the IPCC report: "In comparison to the 2007 report, the findings of the latest IPCC report are even more specific and well-founded."

Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier and Federal Minister of Education and Research Johanna Wanka consider the latest IPCC report on climate change to be a clear indication that climate change is advancing. Following the presentation of the IPCC report today in Stockholm Altmaier stated "the IPCC has shown the international community that ambitious climate action is crucial". Wanka also stressed that "research is the key to understanding climate change. The IPCC report is the most important assessment report concerning climate research worldwide". The latest report is the first volume of the fifth IPCC report. Hundreds of scientists contributed to the report, 40 of them from Germany.

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