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Sustainable lifestyles: From the niche to the city centres

young woman offers things to swap instead of buy in modern furnished store

City centres have long been characterised by high levels of consumption. They now face major changes due to online retailing, the aftermath of COVID19 and the climate crisis. The UBA coordinated EU Interreg project “NiCE – from niche to centre”, started in May 2023. The project aims to take advantage of these changes and make city centres more attractive again by offering sustainable options. read more

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Brownfield redevelopment and inner urban development

Land take for settlement and transport is set to decrease to 30 hectares per day by 2020. To achieve this goal, municipal inner development needs to be strengthened and rendered more appealing. Revitalization and reuse of brownfields (brownfield redevelopment) are key in this regard. read more

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