soil compaction

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Soil loss by water erosion

Uncovered soils are exposed unprotected to the energy of water during heavy and prolonged rainfall. The water transports the soil irretrievably downhill. As a result, fertile soil is lost, and therefore the yielding capacity on arable land. In addition, the eroded material and the absorbed nutrients and pollutants can pollute neighboring water bodies. read more

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Soil compaction

Photo of a tyre track on an arable.

Farm vehicles exert pressure on the soil that varies according to equipment weight. If the weight generated underneath the tires exceeds ground stability, the soil particles are compacted; this in turn degrades soil quality. And as farm equipment grows ever heavier, problems can result. read more



Brown earth - one of many strong types of soil

Tilling prepares fields for crop plant seeding, with the goal of creating optimal conditions for crop growth. But unfortunately, plows and the plowing process can have untoward effects such as soil erosion and compaction. read more

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