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Compost and sewage sludge

A yellow wheel loader implements composting in a composting plant.

Compost and sewage sludge contain valuable nutrients and humus substances that farmers traditionally use as organic fertilizer so as to reduce mineral fertilizer use. But unfortunately, compost and in particular sewage sludge, contain pollutants such as chemicals, heavy metals and pharmaceutical residues that are hazardous to the environment and human health. read more

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German-Polish exchange on sewage sludge management

Group of people with yellow hard hats looking at technical installation

What can be done with the sewage sludge which is generated during waste water treatment? How can valuable materials be recovered and pollutants prevented from entering the environment? The German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) invited a Polish delegation on a study tour to promote exchange between the two countries. The group visited exemplary sewage sludge utilisation plants in Germany. read more

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Substances in the soil

Photo of soils in a glas.

Soil pollutants are ubiquitous. They stem from natural sources, factories, farming, transportation, and households. Deposits of such soil pollutants can seep into the groundwater or are uptaken by plants, they can pose an environmental and health risk. read more

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