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Wallpaper and ingrain wallpaper

Raufasertapete auf Tapeziertisch

Making wallpaper out of recycled paper reduces waste paper burdens, particularly when low and medium quality waste papers are used. This in turn helps to avoid the environmental degradation that is directly attributable to cellulose and wood pulp production. read more

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Germany’s raw material stockpile:What’s in buildings, roads, etc?

ein Plattenbau wird abgerissen

Extracting more and more new raw materials is unsustainable. The future ideal is a closed-loop, circular economy which, through “urban mining”, obtains many of its raw materials from end-of-life houses, piping, cables, cars and appliances rather than from mines and quarries. An UBA study has determined the types and quantities of potential secondary raw materials available in Germany. read more


The Umweltbundesamt

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