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Renewable energies in figures

The diagram shows how the shares of renewable energies for electricity, heat and transport are developing. While electricity will continue to develop positively until 2020, the development of heat and transport has stagnated for several years. However, the share of renewables in electricity fell significantly in 2021, reaching only 41.0 percent after 45.3 percent in the previous year. The share of renewables in the heat report is 16.2 percent and in transport 6.8 percent.

Up-to-date and quality controlled data on the development of renewable energies in Germany is an important basis for the evaluation of Germany's energy transition. The Working Group on Renewable Energy Statistics (AGEE-Stat) provides this data for international reporting obligations as well as for the interested public. read more

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Renewable energies

Eine Solaranlage auf freien Feld, im Hintergrund drehen sich Windkrafträder

What is renewable energies’ share in electricity production? How can we use biomass sustainably? How do the European mechanisms to promote renewable electricity generation work? What do we need to bear in mind when we burn wood on open fires or in stoves? read more

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