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Harmful substances in products are regulated by different legislative texts. These texts address either the substances (chemicals) or the product itself. The legal provisions are therefore classified either into chemicals law or product law, or sometimes waste law when chemicals become relevant at the waste treatment stage only. read more

News on Chemicals

Chemical law: REACH could increase safety of imported articles

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The EU might introduce an authorization scheme for imported goods such as clothing, sports gear and toys in the REACH Regulation, to aim at a better protection of humans and the environment against Substances of Very High Concern in articles. An UBA study claims that the necessary amendment of the EU chemicals regulation REACH would not breach international trade law. read more

News on Chemicals

New thresholds for carcinogenic PAHs in (baby) toys and more

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Since 27 December 2015 consumer goods may no longer exceed a very low content of eight carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). A threshold of 0.5 mg/kg applies for toys and baby items. Other rubber or plastic products such as gardening gloves or mouse pads may contain no more than 1 mg/kg. read more

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