Vector Control Testing Facility

two rats

Various animals may serve as hosts for infectious agents and can transmit diseases to other animals as well as humans. Insects, mites and ticks can be found amongst these so-called vectors. Vertebrates, for example rats and mice, may also act as vectors. read more


Fate-study Irargol

Behaviour and fate of the algicide Irgarol in water and sediment of flowing and stagnant water systemsIrgarol 1051® (2-[tert-Butylamino]-4-[cyclopropylamino]-6-methyltio-s-triazine) is an antifouling boosting agent, which has increasingly been used as a biocidal agent in antifouling coatings for ship hulls after the EU ban on tributyltin (TBT). Irgarol is a photosynthesis inhibitor and is therefor... read more


Effect study "Irgarol"

Pigment analyses of aufwuchs (biological surface film) in stagnant water mesocosms under the effect of the anti-fouling agent Irgarol®Irgarol® is in the group of s-triazines and a biocidal agent which is used as an anti-fouling coating for marine vessels to prevent the attachment of algae and organisms on their hulls. Irgarol inhibits photosynthesis and is highly toxic for higher plants, algae and... read more

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