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Indicator: Agricultural nitrogen surplus

A graph shows the agricultural nitrogen surpluses for individual years and as rolling 5-year means between 1990 and 2015. The surpluses in kilogrammes per hectare per year dropped from 118 (1993) to 97 (2013).

The five-year average of nitrogen surplus per hectare of utilised agricultural land has decreased by around 18 % since 1993.The Federal Government aims to reduce the average nitrogen surplus of the years 2028 to 2032 below 70 kilogrammes per year.Efforts must be considerably intensified to reach this target. read more


Indicator: Organic farming

A graph shows the increase of the share of organic farming areas in total utilised agricultural area from 1996 (2.1 percent) to 2015 (6.5 percent). It also shows the 20 percent target of the Federal Government.

The percentage of agricultural land farmed organically rose by more than a factor of three since 1996.More recently, this proportion has only grown slowly.The Federal Government aims to increase the proportion of organically cultivated areas to 20 %.At the growth rate of recent years, this aim will take decades to achieve. read more


Indicator: Grasslands

A graph shows the area of the permanent grassland as absolute value and as share of the total utilised agricultural area from 1991 to 2016. Both indicators have been steadily declining until 2013 and have since then risen slowly.

Between 1991 and 2016 the area of grassland in Germany shrank by 12 %.The area of permanent grassland has risen slightly in the recent years.The national implementation of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) aims, among others, at maintaining the 2012 level of (total) grassland area.Effective steps are required to achieve this target. read more


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