Indicator: Agricultural nitrogen surplus

A graph shows the agricultural nitrogen surpluses for individual years and as rolling 5-year means between 1990 and 2018. The 5-year-mean nitrogen surpluses in kilogrammes per hectare dropped from 116 to 93. The target for 2030 is 70 kilogrammes per hectare and year.

The five-year average of nitrogen surplus per hectare of utilized agricultural land has decreased by 20 % since 1992.The Federal Government aims to reduce the average nitrogen surplus of the years 2028 to 2032 to 70 kilogrammes per year.Efforts must be considerably intensified to reach this target. read more

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Ammonia, dust and odour emissions

Pigs on a meadow

Intensive livestock farming is a key agricultural sector in Germany, but one that unfortunately generates ammonia emissions, odours and dust that are hazardous to the environment and a nuisance to persons living in close proximity to livestock farms. read more


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