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German Advisory Council on the Environment

Startseite der Website des Sachverständigentrats für Umweltfragen

The Advisory Council reviews and assesses developments in various fields of environmental protection. It may issue recommendations for policy decision-makers. The website goes into detail about the strategies and goals of sustainable environmental protection. Access provided to their environmental reports. Open website

German Environmental Specimen Bank


The website of the German Environmental Specimen Bank provides information about the background and the objectives of sampling and investigation of environmental and human specimens. Results of the regular as well as retrospective analyses can be retrieved via an integrated data search. Recent results are presented in bulletins. Open website

German Informative Inventory Report 2017

Startpage of the Website

This report does not include all the activity and emission data submitted. It rather explains their preparation.For complete and current emission data please refer to the EEA CDR uploads.You might also find our trend tables and/or the CEIP webpage helpful. Open website

Information system on the state of the art in safety technology (infosis)

Startseite des Informationssystems zum Stand der Sicherheitstechnik (infosis)

The information system infosis publishes timely information on notifiable and non-notifiable events in technical installations. In addition, it provides information on the state of safety technology for different types of installations. It thus makes a contribution to the prevention of major accidents and the further development of safety technology. Open website

Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Germany

Startseite der Website zum Integrierten Küstenzonenmanagement (IKZM)

IKZM is a management approach that seeks to resolve conflicts between various stakeholders, to reduce overuse of coastal areas, maintain environmental quality, and to support a balance modeled after the principle of sustainability of economic, social and ecological interests as they concern development of coastal areas. Open website

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment