International Conference VOC emissions from construction products


The UBA invites representatives from the EU Commission, national authorities, academia and NGOs to discuss options to declare and communicate VOC emission classes for construction products. This will be framed by an overview of the policy framework, the state harmonisation at EU level and stakeholder views on the need for such VOC emission classes.

VOC⁠ emissions from construction products may pollute the indoor air and harm human health. The definition and communication of VOC emissions in form of harmonised emission classes is regarded an essential element of improving the protection level for human health. 

The digital conference will provide a brief overview of the current policy framework and the state of play of harmonisation activities in the area of the construction products regulation and related standardisation. In addition, the needs for harmonised VOC emission classes will be discussed from various perspectives. The conference will be an opportunity to discuss specific proposals for the definition and communication of VOC emission classes.

The registration deadline is April 15, 2021.

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