Does the UBA collect data concerning specific instances of actual or suspected site contamination? What tasks does the UBA carry out in this regard and which services does it offer?

In its capacity as a higher level federal agency in the area of activity of the Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMU), the UBA is in charge of carrying out special tasks of nationwide importance. Consequently, and pursuant to the UBA-Errichtungsgesetz (UBA Founding Act), we have no powers in respect of either implementation (particularly in matters that fall within the jurisdiction of regional-states and municipalities) or jurisprudence. Inasmuch as the federal government and the regional states are bound by no reciprocal site contamination reporting requirements, the UBA has no site specific data or information of any kind.

What we do offer, however, is an extensive range of publications, background documents and so on that are available online. We are also more than happy to bring our expertise to bear in responding to any technical queries that members of the public may have.
Please bear in mind that we are unable to provide any legal advice of any kind whatsoever; nor can we evaluate rulings or decisions made by authorizing bodies, or recommend specific engineering firms, attorneys, or site cleanup companies.

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