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Reducing the input of chemicals into waters: trifluoroacetate (TFA) as a persistent and mobile substance with many sources

Trifluoroacetate (TFA) is a mobile and persistent substance that is primarily introduced into the water cycle through the degradation of various fluorochemicals and remains in the environment in the long term. TFA can be detected in many water bodies in relatively high concentrations with some regional hotspots. This background paper presents current data and estimates on sources, input pathways, contamination, impact and measures on TFA. It gives an outlook on first activities and options to comprehensively minimise TFA inputs to the environment. Despite gaps in knowledge, it becomes clear that consistent regulation and an overarching minimisation strategy must be initiated in the short term.

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Kirsten Adlunger, Julia M. Anke, Gunnar Bachem, Helena Banning, Annegret Biegel-Engler, Katrin Blondzik, Ulrike Braun, Alexander Eckhardt, Daniela Gildemeister, Falk Hilliges, Gabriele Hoffmann, Franziska Jentzsch, Sondra Klitzke, Jochen Kuckelkorn, Kerstin Martens, Alexandra Müller, Christina Pickl, Ulrike Pirntke, Jörg Rechenberg, Daniel Sättler, Uwe Schmidt, Gunther Speichert, Ingo Warnke, Jeannine Wehner, Ronny Wischer
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