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Misleading calculation: EU plans for pesticide reduction at risk

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The use of pesticides is to be halved by 2030, according to the draft EU regulation on pesticide reduction. This goal is to be verified using pesticide sales data. In the view of the German Environment Agency this method is misleading. Pesticides that are no longer approved are weighted too high. Decreasing sales figures would indicate a decreasing trend, which does not happen in the field. read more

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Pesticide authorisations undermine environmental protection

A field with a crop protection device that spreads fertilizer

Under the current legal situation, pesticides are authorised in Germany even though scientific findings show that they are harmful to the environment. The German authorities are currently unable to effectively protect the environment from harmful pesticides. This should be re-regulated under European law. read more

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UBA asks EU Commission to foster sustainable use of biocides

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In the context of the EU Green Week, UBA organised a partner event on the need to finally include biocides in Directive 2009/128/EC on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides or similar legislation. Contributions from stakeholders showed the need for regulatory provisions and also highlighted the opportunities this would bring to foster innovation towards sustainability. read more

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Pesticides in Europe's waters – data assessment

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Pesticides can cause damage to the environment. A project coordinated by the German Environment Agency for the European Environment Agency provides the first overview of pesticides in rivers. lakes and groundwater reported by EU Member States. The report confirms that additional measures are necessary to ensure compliance with environmental quality standards in waters. read more

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