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Mobile Work in the future

Climate Protection Opportunities and Risks

In the future, more and more people will probably no longer work in the office at the company's location or public institution, but from home, on business trips or in co-working spaces. What will the mobile working world look like in the future? What will happen to traditional office spaces? How will private spaces change? Where will people settle in the future? Which consumer products and services will be available where?

This brochure from the "Foresight for climate protection" series examines the trends that will change mobile working in the future, how this may affect climate protection and what options there are for shaping climate protection policy.

"Mobile Work in the Future" is a result of the project "Strategic Horizon Scanning of developments relevant to climate protection" with which the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, together with the German Environment Agency, is implementing measure of the Climate Action Programme 2030 adopted in 2019.

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Simone Kimpeler, Lorenz Erdmann, Frauke Röser, Aki Kachi, Katja Hünecke, Martin Kirstgen
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German Environment Agency
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