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How to do Ecodesign

Practical Guide for Ecodesign – Including a Toolbox

With the new edition of this publication, we would like to respond to questions about ecological product design and life cycle thinking. It is directed towards everyone interested in contemporary design that has an eye on both design and environmental protection. This book fits well in our efforts to develop supportive and competence-building practical information that can serve as a guide and offer help to designers and other practitioners of environment-friendly product design.

This handbook describes

  • why Design for Sustainability (DfS) and Ecodesign are important and which framework conditions exist
  • important Ecodesign and DfS strategies
  • how Ecodesign and DfS are carried out in practice
  • how Ecodesign and DfS can be initiated and implemented in companies
  • and especially which processes, methods and tools are helpful to do so.

The book can be downloaded here as epub and will soon be available as iBook on iTunes.

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