Cover Texte 102/2015 Feasibility Study “Supply chain communication on SVHC in Articles”

Feasibility Study „Supply chain communication on SVHC in Articles“

In this study, a “comprehensive data set” is developed which would enable communication on all relevant aspects of substances in articles with regard to the legal requirements under REACH, including communication of information to ensure safe handling of articles. Furthermore, the comprehensive data set, if available to the article producers, would support and facilitate compliance with other legal obligations as well as taking full and informed producer responsibility for the products placed on the market. However, not all information is always needed but the actual data needs largely depend on the hazardousness of a substance and the type of article concerned. Therefore, of the list of information pieces in the comprehensive data set, only some are likely to be actually needed and hence to be communicated in the supply chain. In the outlined communication model, for each piece of information it is indicated for all supply chain actors which information they should receive and what they should forward. The comprehensive data set was critically reviewed with stakeholder interviews and a first exemplification.

Texte | 102/2015
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Antonia Reihlen, Dirk Jepsen, Olaf Wirth, Dirk Bunke
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