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CCE Projects
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Current Projects

Review and revision of the empirical N Critical Loads for natural and semi-natural ecosystems

  • Duration: 2020 – 2021
  • Objective: Update of the empirical N Critical Loads published by Bobbink et al. 2011
  • Contact person: Christin Loran


Steady-State Critical Loads for eutrophication and acidification for European terrestrial ecosystems

  • Duration: November 2019 – February 2021
  • Objective: This project will focus on the update of the steady-state Critical Loads used in the background database of the CCE. This European background database is used to replace missing data submission by the NFCs.
  • Contractor: Wageningen Environmental Research
  • Contact person: Christin Loran


Completed Projects

Empirical Critical Loads: Literature Review

  • Duration: September – December 2019
  • Objective: In this project a literature review on empirical Critical Loads will be conducted. This serves as preliminary study for the subsequent update of the empirical Critical Loads. 
  • Contractor: Thuenen Institute
  • Documents to download: Preliminary results, Minutes project meeting (02.12.2019)
  • Contact person: Thomas Scheuschner



  • Duration: August – November 2019
  • Objective: The internal workflow of the CCE regarding the calculation of Critical Loads and their exceedance with the statistic program R will be supported.
  • Contractor: Braincourt GmbH
  • Contact person: Thomas Scheuschner



For more detailed information contact us at cce [at] uba [dot] de.

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