Press release from | No. 21/2021

Strengthening environmental and climate protection in corporate reporting obligations

Ein idylisches Flussufer mit vielen grünen Bäumen, die sich im Wasser spiegeln

A recent study on behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA) shows that even though German companies increasingly report on climate, water, resources and waste, significant gaps remain. Only about 20 percent disclose information on air pollution and biodiversity. Apparently, the identified gaps in corporate reporting are often due to insufficient legal provisions. read more

Press release from | No. 20/2021

Fluorinated refrigerants in the EU: additional CO₂ savings potential of 100 million tonnes

Old refrigerators at a recycling facility

A new publication by the German Environment Agency (UBA) proposes an even stronger regulation of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to protect the climate. HFCs are used as refrigerants in cooling and refrigerant systems which may escape to the environment during filling, operation and disposal. Ammonia, water and hydrocarbons are available as climate-friendly alternatives. read more

Press release from | No. 19/2021

Germans consider environmental protection and climate action highly relevant – despite coronavirus pandemic

Ein Mädchen in einem Supermarkt

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, 65 percent of Germans consider environmental protection and climate action to be a very important issue. Climate action in particular remains just as important during the pandemic for 70 percent and has actually become more important for 16 percent. The people surveyed see a need for action above all in energy, agriculture and transport. These are the results of a... read more

Press release from | No. 17/2021

Plastics in the environment: Transport, building sectors and agriculture are major sources


A study by the German Environment Agency (UBA) is the first to undertake a systematic investigation of the fate of plastics in the environment for Germany. These plastics are the quantities that are not removed by any relevant measures after their discharge. The study shows that about 133,000 to 165,000 tonnes of plastic per year remain in the environment due to transport. read more

Press release from | No. 16/2021

German Environment Agency co-champions global initiative for digital environmental sustainability

Die Erdkugel und Wörter in einer Programmiersprache.

The United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Development Programme, the International Science Council, the German Environment Agency, the Government of Kenya, Future Earth, and Sustainability in the Digital Age have joined forces to act as co-champions for a new global initiative called CODES (Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability). read more

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