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    Geo-Engineering: Commercial fertilization of oceans finally banned

    First-ever legally binding regulations adopted – research to continue unaffected read more

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    Environmental Research Plan 2014 now online

    read more

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    More lobbying for the precious resource soil

    Consume less land area – preserve more fertile soils read more

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    Blue Angel Award 2013 goes to Heller-Leder company

    read more

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    Registry for battery producers proves to be a success

    5,000 producers have registered – thousands of tonnes of metals recovered through recycling every year read more

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    Drinking water to become lead-free – new standard for lead in drinking water

    read more

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    Bundespreis Ecodesign prize is awarded

    Ms Heinen-Esser and Mr Flasbarth present prizes in four categories read more

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    Nominations for Blue Angel Award 2013

    Wrapped in sustainability from head to toe read more

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    Nominations for the Bundespreis Ecodesign contest 2013

    Jury has reached decision read more

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    A greenhouse gas-neutral Germany is (almost) possible

    Large industrialized countries can also reduce CO2 emissions by 95 percent until 2050 read more

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    IPCC submits report on climate change

    Altmaier calls for decisive action - Wanka: climate research will remain a priority read more

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    Real energy savers now easier to recognise

    New energy efficiency labelling of lamps read more

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    Better protection against air pollutants

    Health and environment still in jeopardy despite compliance with current limits in force read more

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    Rethinking land use

    UBA launches pilot project on tradable land use certificates read more

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    Not to be sniffed at: Stuffy air in schoolrooms and the home

    Federal authorities publish comprehensive guide on children’s health read more

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    Decentralised renewable energy supply is ok, self-sufficient, individual solutions are not

    UBA study: Autarkic energy systems only rarely a viable option read more

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    UBA moves into the Federal Government's first zero-energy building

    Model green building is to supply its own energy read more

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    Defective electronic equipment – accidental or pre-meditated?

    Federal Environment Agency commissions obsolescence study read more

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    Photo contest: “City in the viewfinder“

    Federal Environment Agency launches campaign for liveable cities read more

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    Involving Citizens - Promoting Acceptance

    The latest from UMID regarding citizen involvement in environmental and health protection read more

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    WLAN through water pipes?

    Water pipes are no place for cables read more

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    Resources Commission established at Federal Environment Agency

    Team of experts to advise on resource conservation policy in Germany and the European Union read more

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    Soil as fascinating and diverse as never before

    New look for Bodenwelten website and updated information read more

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    White goods are becoming greener

    New UBA study on market development of “green” products read more

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    REACH: EU confirms chemical in outdoor clothing as substance with properties of very high concern

    Consumers must have access to information about REACH candidates read more

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    Onshore wind energy: Potential outstrips need

    More than one tenth of land surface is in principle suited for wind turbines read more

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    Blue Angel ecolabel turns 35

    Federal Environment Minister and ambassadors launch campaign read more

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    The end is nigh for flame retardant HBCD

    Ban to become effective after one-year transition period read more

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    Plasticiser DEHP is ingested mainly through food

    BfR and UBA jointly investigating DEHP contamination in the population read more

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    Batteries put to the test: too many heavy metals, faulty labelling

    Accumulators get best rating read more

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    Libraries now help to save electricity

    UBA lending power meters free of charge read more

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    What is new mobility like?

    Healthier and cheaper: combo tickets for mobility read more

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    Environmental protection calls for thinking in global terms

    Director of UN Environment Programme pays visit to Federal Environment Agency read more

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    Tonnes of waste in the wrong place

    International conference prepares action plans for clean oceans and seas read more

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    Material efficiency in production saves resources and lowers costs

    read more

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    Emissions trading: CO2 emissions in 2012 slightly higher than 2011

    Data reveals further savings potential in emissions trading read more

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    Water type of the year - Watercourses in the southern Alpine foothills

    Majority streams and rivers in southern Alpine foothills already in good condition read more

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    Successful nanotechnology research strategy protects man and the environment

    Federal authorities take stock of research projects on nanomaterials safety of read more

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    Blue Angel for Energy-Conscious Data Centers! Come see us at the CeBIT

    Certification of energy-conscious and environmentally friendly operation read more

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    Emissions trading: Federal Administrative Court throws out RWE action

    Allocation for 2nd trading period ruled lawful read more

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    More than half of German people suffer noise exposure

    Noise protection is third key area of UBA activity in 2013 along with oceans and sustainable building and living read more

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    Greenhouse gas emissions up by 1.6 percent in year 2012

    Emissions still 192 million tonnes under Kyoto targets for years 2008 to 2012 read more

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    Slight decline in particulate pollution

    Limits for air pollutants nevertheless regularly exceeded read more

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    Pesticides can harm amphibians

    Need for action on plant protection agents read more

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    The REACH regulation as an effective way of regulating nanomaterials

    A new concept is to ensure safety in the supply chain and life cycle of nanomaterials read more

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    Brilliant colours and sharp print definition

    Recycled paper wins over with optimal functionality and less pollution read more

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    Greenhouse gas emissions fall by 2.9 percent in 2011 despite nuclear phase out

    Reduction mainly outside emissions trading sector read more

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    Greenwashing is not enough!

    ‘Bundespreis Ecodesign‘ competition relaunched read more

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    Guarantees of origin provide transparency on green electricity market

    Federal Environment Agency launches green electricity register read more

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    REACH is effective - Obligation to provide information on demand for more than one hundred chemicals

    More stringent regulations on environmental toxins in outdoor clothing read more

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