Who’s looking through green-tinted glasses?

Goethe Institute in Moscow and Federal Environment Agency kick off Russian-German environmental contest

How can you direct people’s attention to an urgent environmental problem? Anyone with a creative answer to this can enter the Wir und die Zukunft: der grüne Blick  environmental contest. Entries can include videos, photos or even poems. The work should focus attention on one of the urgent environmental problems of our time such as global warming, plastic waste in seas and oceans, or urban road traffic. The contest takes place as part of the German Year in Russia and is being organised by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the Goethe Institute in Moscow and the Russian Regional Environmental Centre. Deadline for entries is 15 May.

The environmental contest is a means for UBA to seek out young people who would like to present current environmental problems to the public through art. There are no limits to creative imagination: the contest welcomes all forms of art - from posters and photos to videos or poems. The art contributions are supposed to raise public awareness of the environmental problems we face today and to encourage sustainable action for a green future. Contestants from Germany have until 15 May 2012 to submit their artwork.

The winning entries from Germany and Russia will be on display in Moscow in September 2012. The first-place contestants will be invited to the opening and the official prize award ceremony. The winners’ work will later be on display at the Federal Environment Agency in Dessau.

Wir und die Zukunft: der grüne Blick is a binational contest taking place as part of the German Year in Russia, whose motto is “Germany and Russia: shaping the future together”. The Goethe Institute in Moscow, the Federal Environmental Agency and the Russian Regional Environmental Centre are its co-sponsors.

5 March 2012

Umweltbundesamt Hauptsitz

Wörlitzer Platz 1
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

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