Colourful and versatile workbook about climate change

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Children and teenagers from Solingen illustrated the workbook „Klimafieber“.
Source: Umweltbundesamt

"Who knows the difference between weather and climate?", "How has the climate changed since last century?", "What can everyone do to protect the climate?" These and many other questions on the topics of climate change and climate protection are the subject of Klimafieber [Climate fever], a new workbook by the German Environment Agency (UBA). Its illustrations by schoolchildren make for a colourful and interesting booklet to enrich classroom instruction for years 3-7.

The new UBA publication has all kinds of information about climate change and is full of short and interesting exercises. The careful reader will also find the answers to the exercises, for example in a fictitious interview with a climate researcher or in a story about extraterrestrial planet researchers who are studying Earth. Schoolchildren can apply the knowledge gained in gap text exercises, a crossword puzzle, a hidden word puzzle, or a quiz. The wide variety of tasks are designed to be integrated in science subjects as well as German lessons. It also features ideas for starting your own climate protection project.

Klimafieber is one outcome of the KlimaKunstSchule project carried out in cooperation with BildungsCent and the Foundation Deutsches Design Museum. The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Environment under the National Climate Protection Initiative.

A group of children from the Gymnasium Schwertstraße grammar school in Solingen, mentored by experienced designers, contributed the illustrations and also came up with the name of the booklet.

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