Announcement of first Bundespreis Ecodesign contest

Seeking good examples of ecological design - deadline 30 April 2012

The environmental impact of goods and services are determined as early as the design phase. To focus more public attention on the environmental protection potential of ecodesign and in order to foster innovation in this area, the Federal Ministry for Environment (BMU) and the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) are tendering the first “Bundespreis Ecodesign“ in 2012. The contest offers businesses and designers a platform to present products and ideas that demonstrate outstanding ecological and design quality.

Ecodesign is about more than just efficient refrigerators or bags made of recycled materials. The way people use things in their daily lives or whether a product is easy to repair is also set out in the design process, and these are the criteria the Bundespreis Ecodesign prize seeks to do justice. Prizes are awarded in the categories “product”, “concept”, and “young design”.  Products, services and systems from various fields of design can be entered in the “product” category and must be available on the German market. The “concept” category will be accepting marketable prototypes and concept studies with a realistic degree of feasibility.  The “young design” category welcomes product ideas and concepts from young designers.

Business enterprises of all sizes and from all sectors, in addition to designers, are eligible to enter the contest. Entries will be accepted from 2 January - 30 April 2012.  The International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) has been assigned to design and manage the contest and is funded by a project advisory council.  The prize award procedure is based on a matrix of criteria jointly developed by BMU, UBA and IDZ which reflects the most important indicators of ecodesign throughout the product life cycle.

A jury of experts from the field of ecological product assessment and ecodesign will select the winning entries. Prizes will be conferred in autumn in Berlin.

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