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Press release on Climate | Energy

The Blue Angel - Active in Climate Protection

The Blue Angel is going to increasingly focus on climate protection: From the beginning of next year, the world’s oldest and most well-known eco-label will also be awarded to particularly energy-efficient and climate-friendly products and services and thus provide consumers with better purchase orientation. ”Germany’s Federal Environment Ministry, the Federal Environment Agency and the Environmental Label Jury will continue to further develop the Blue Angel to make it the leading label for climate-friendly products within the scope of the Federal government’s climate policy” said Astrid Klug, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Environment Ministry at today’s 30th anniversary celebration of the Blue Angel in Berlin (November 19, 2008). ”Consumers need information that will help them contribute to climate protection in everyday life. The Blue Angel is going to show them the way”, said Professor Dr. Andreas Troge, President of the Federal Environment Agency, on the occasion of the presentation of the new climate protection label. read more

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