Collaborative Action for Sustainability Research and Innovation

The graphic displays the CASRI logo. Multicolored elements center around the acronym as an expression of the project's synthesis work.
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Environment Protection Agencies are key partners to inform politics and society on how to foster the sustainability transition. The EU funded CASRI project enhances collaborative research and innovation. Learn more about the project, its partners and results.

CASRI stands for "Collaborative Action coordinating and enhancing systemic, actionable and transversal Sustainability Research and Innovation". CASRI is a project funded by the European Union and coordinated by the German Environment Agency.

Kick-off Meeting: The project is kicked-off in a meeting with guests from 20 countries in Dessau-Roßlau in March 2024.

Objectives of CASRI: CASRI aims to better connect environmental and sustainability research of European environmental agencies and complement existing programs of the EU and member states. This is intended to promote innovative environmental research and to push the utilization of research findings and innovation.

Formulation of Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda: CASRI will work with relevant stakeholders from science, society, and research funding to formulate a strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) on environment and sustainability themes. CASRI will develop models for implementing the SRIA and jointly examine its implementation with public and private funding institutions. Additionally, measures to facilitate knowledge transfer and application of research findings will be prepared.

Mission Statement: CASRI's mission is to provide the knowledge really needed by stakeholders for the transition to sustainability.

More information about CASRI: Learn more about the project, its partners, results and how to contact us.

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