Workshop “International Governance of Geoengineering”

atmosphere of the Earth
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Workshop of the German Environment Agency (UBA)
4th and 5th November 2019, Place Royale 11, 1000 Brussels

The Problem

Geoengineering is a relatively new topic, and one of rapidly increasing importance. Geoengineering is defined as a large-scale, intentional human intervention in the Earth’s climate system to alter the effects of climate change. Given that global emissions continue to remain high, the possibility that countries consider using geoengineering technologies, such as Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies or even Solar Radiation Management has been increasing. Since these technologies could have planetary-scale consequences and could pose critical environmental and geopolitical risks, there is a need to strengthen the international governance of geoengineering. 

The Aim of this Workshop

There have been several initiatives and processes in a variety of international fora. In 2019 the most prominent initiative was the Draft Resolution “Geoengineering and its Governance”, tabled by a group of countries at UNEA 4. Moreover Geoengineering is not just a “climate issue”, but a cross-cutting topic that involves a huge range of scientific and governance expertise. Therefore this workshop aims to contribute to a coherent policy with regard to geoengineering. The workshop wants to provide a forum for policy makers and policy advisers from different branches to inform each other, exchange their views and discuss governance implications.

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