SustainFashion - Sustainability information all about textiles

in einem Geschäft hängen viele weiße T-Shirts auf Bügeln an einer StangeClick to enlarge
The production of textiles must become more sustainable for people and the environment.
Source: Chainarong Prasertthai / iStockphoto

Information on sustainability in the textile and fashion industry - this is what the new online platform by HEJSupport offers, funded by the UBA as part of an Associations project. Different aspects of the sector are highlighted, such as environmental pollution or human rights, and allows people to speak who share their visions for more sustainability.

Sustainable textiles are increasingly becoming the focus of companies, consumers and political decision-makers. Many initiatives, different regulations, labels and standards as well as new materials are introduced and at times it is difficult for the various stakeholders to separate good from only apparently good.

Few possibilities for consumers and other stakeholders have been available to obtain information about different aspects of sustainability from one source. The SustainFashion website was therefore developed as part of a project of the Project funding for Non-Profit-Organizations (Verbändeförderung). A wide range of information is offered on regulations, labels and standards, new and known materials, gender and human rights, circular economy, chemicals and environmental issues. Stakeholders from different groups are able to quickly obtain a targeted overview and find links to further information. The guest blog features voices from production countries in the global south, consumers from marginalised communities and other mostly unrepresented stakeholders. This enables their experiences, problems and ideas to be made publicly accessible. The website is available in German and English.