Resource-efficient land use

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Paths towards a Global Sustainable Land Use Standard (GLOBALANDS)
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The aim of the research project “Resource-efficient land use – Towards a Global Sustainable Land Use Standard” was to spark a debate on the development of a standard for global sustainable land use, launch the requisite scientific process and explore and identify options for implementing a global sustainable land use.

The GLOBALANDS project looked, in particular, into international policies, institutions and processes which can foster global sustainable land use and into the role which a global standard could play in this. The goal was to identify what contribution the German government could make to these processes. The main outcome of the GLOBALANDS project are recommendations addressed to German policy-makers on how to strengthen sustainable land use in ongoing political processes. In this context it is important that environmental and social aspects are understood and dealt with as mutually reinforcing dimensions. The specific options for action developed in the project provide levers and suggestions for strengthening the sustainability of land use within the scope of SDG processes, the Rio Conventions, the UN habitat process, voluntary UN processes (VGGT and RAI) and the World Bank’s activities to ensure environmental and social standards in project financing.

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