Moving forward with the 7th Environment Action Programme

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UBA is not only active for environmental protection in Germany but at international level as well.
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The 2013 adopted 7th EU Environment Action Programme defines objectives for addressing persistent environmental problems of our time. The Programme should receive heightened attention atop the EU Agenda and its implementation should be goal-oriented and ambitious. This is the key message of a paper penned under UBA’s lead by 22 European environmental authorities as members of the EPA Network.

The EU with the 7th EAP “Living well, within the limits of our planet” sets out nine priority objectives that should be achieved by the year 2020. For example, the EU wants to reduce air pollution and improve climate change adaptation measures. The position paper puts forward 15 principle recommendations for implementing these goals. In this manner sustainable land management is to be promoted as well as a more sustainable and efficient use of resources.