Discussion on environment. risks of Veterinary Medicinal Products

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Veterinary Medicinal Products may have an environmental impact.
Source: Ines Rönnefahrt / Umweltbundesamt

A panel discussion on environmental risks and an effective environmental risk assessment of veterinary medicines will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 04 March 2015.

Environmental risk of veterinary medicines


In September 2014, the Commission adopted a proposal for a Regulation on veterinary medicinal products.  Core objectives are to increase the availability of veterinary medicinal products, to reduce administrative burdens and to stimulate competitiveness and innovation.
As the Commission has pointed out, it is vital that such a future regulation moreover guarantees the highest level of public and animal health as well as of environmental protection.

Key provisions for environmental protection

The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in partnership with the Finish Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES) have prepared a position paper that identifies key measures and provisions for assuring effective environmental risk assessment of veterinary medicinal products. In particular, it underscores that for effective environmental risk assessment, a future regulation on veterinary medicinal products would need to:
 (a) establish a review program on active pharmaceutical substances including the establishment of a monograph system; and consequently
(b) ensure the provision of publicly available environmental information.

Lunch event

The event will be opened by UBA President Maria Krautzberger. In the following panel discussion, the Commission, the European Medicines Agency, Science and Competent Authorities from Member States will discuss key measures and provisions for achieving effective environmental risk assessment for veterinary medicinal products.
A detailed agenda will be published shortly.


The lunch event is open to policy makers, experts from science and regulatory agencies, NGOs as well as to other key stakeholders. Please do register well in advance since the number of participants is limited.


Postion paper

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