6th International IUPAC Conference On Green Chemistry

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Source: IUPAC

After Dresden, Moscow, Ottawa, Foz do Iguaçu and Durban, the IUPAC Green Chemistry Conferences Series moves to Italy; the Sixth Event will be held in Venice on 4th-8th September 2016.

The perception of the role of chemistry already had and will take advantage by the IUPAC Conferences. At the IUPAC conference chemists address a dialogue together with politicians, economists, entrepreneurs and philosophers on sustainable development. With their work, scientists applying Green Chemistry are contributing to sustainable development and are shaping the way forward. In many countries and areas of application, however, production, application and disposal of chemicals are still connected with increased exposure or damage to human health and the environment. In order to overcome this chemistry can provide crucial contributions to sustainable development and foster its implementation. Doing so, Green Chemistry had and will successfully evolve industrially significant and implementable breakthrough technologies. Attendees of the 2016 IUPAC conference will learn more of these and further issues.

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