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Joint research project on decentralized water reuse

Taking lysimeter cores in a field to analyze water balance and transport processes.

In the research project PU2R (Point-of-Use Re-Use: Decentralized agricultural reuse of municipal wastewater to reduce competition for water), the decentralized treatment and reuse of domestic wastewater for the irrigation of plants is investigated in both field and laboratory experiments by seven research institutes and companies in cooperation with the German Environment Agency.Climatic changes a... read more


Questions and Answers on Water Reuse

Water reuse can help alleviate water shortages. But reclaimed water can contain pathogens and pollutants. Questions and answers on the proposal for a regulation submitted by the European Commission on 28 May 2018. read more


Water Reuse

Water Reuse, the use of reclaimed water from treated wastewater, has been a long-established reality in many (semi)arid countries and regions. It helps to alleviate water scarcity by supplementing limited freshwater resources. read more

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EU Commission proposes regulation for the reuse of water

irrigation on a field

The reuse of treated waste water can help to reduce water shortages. Reused water can contain pathogens and harmful substances, however. On 28 May 2018, the EU Commission proposed a regulation, on minimum requirements concerning the reuse of water. It aims to protect health and the environment. The UBA considers there to be a need for improvement. read more

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UBA Position on EU minimum requirements for Water Reuse

Wasserwiederverwendung mit möglichen Risiken für die Umwelt und die menschliche Gesundheit einher

The EU Commission is seeking to adopt EU wide minimum quality requirements for water reuse for agricultural irrigation and groundwater recharge by the end of 2017. As the current draft falls short to set standards that are rigorous enough to protect the environment and human health, UBA has published a Scientific Opinion Paper to express its concerns and recommendations. read more

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EU Stakeholders discuss requirements for water reuse

irrigation of a field

The use of treated wastewater, e.g. for agricultural irrigation, can alleviate pressures on water resources. At the same time it poses risks as treated wastewater can contain pathogens and chemicals. By May 2018 the European Commission wants to publish a regulatory proposal for requirements. UBA President Krautzberger and EU Parliamentarian Wölken invited for a discussion on 22 March in Brussels. read more

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