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Indicator: Environmentally friendly freight transport

A graph shows the shares of rail and inland shipping in freight transport volume between 1999 and 2017. The share of rail transport first increased and then began to stagnate, while the share of inland shipping declined.

The rail share in freight transport fluctuated between 17 % and 20 % over the past years.The share of inland waterways transport fell almost continuously from 13.5 % to 8.4 % since 1999.According to the Federal Government, the rail freight transport share should have been rising to 25 % by 2015, while the share of inland waterways should have reached 14%. Both targets were clearly missed. read more


Indicator: Environmentally friendly passenger transport

A graph shows the share of pedestrian, utility cycling, railway and passenger transport services in the overall passenger transport volume. Shown here are the years between 1976 and 2016. There have been two caesuras in methodology in this period.

Since 1976, the share of environmentally friendly passenger transport fell significantly from 24 % to approximately 19 %.However, over the past few years, it has hardly changed at all.The Federal Government's National Cycling Plan 2020 is to support cycling as a means of transport. read more


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