Indicator: Population exposure to traffic noise

A graph shows the proportion of people exposed to traffic noise above 55 decibels during the day and above 50 decibels at night, as observed in the 2022 noise mappings. It differentiates between road, aircraft and rail traffic noise.

According to the 2022 noise mapping, about 17.0 % of the total population was adversely affected by night-time noise.They further showed that 25.1 % of the population was exposed to a noise level of above 55 decibels during the day.The main source of noise is road traffic. Aircraft noise hardly plays a role in the area assessment.Noise that exceeds exposure limits can lead to health problems. read more


Transport law


A comprehensive concept for sustainable mobility needs legal instruments. These instruments may be embedded in transport law as well as in other areas, for example in the environmental regulations governing the planning and authorisation of roads. Transport law and all other relevant regulation can support the development of sustainable transport. read more

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